Sapphire 2600xt HD Video Card

My oh my. My new video card arrived last night thanks to UPS. First of all, I have a small shuttle case which is packed with hard drives and other over sized peripherals and was not sure the card would fit. It did and it fit perfectly. This is quite an upgrade from my Sapphire x850XT that I had. The 2600xt is literally a tech savvy movie buffs best friend. It uses on board processing to decode x264, which is the new format high quality files are coming in today, and is simply amazing.

I immediately fitted the card in to my case, booted, and began on VGA connection. I was limited to just a little over 720p resolution so I then decided to try the HDMI support that the 2600xt boasts and I jumped up to 1080 instantly. My desktop looked edgy and blurred here and there, along with being very bright. The video looked flawless and breathtaking. Watching a 720p video in 1080p looked great so I decided to try a 1080p video and let’s just say I could see the hairs on the marijuana being sold in the TV show Weeds.

What more is there to say? I did the research and found this particular card to be the best priced and feature packed- I am very happy with it so far. Though, I have only had it about a day now.

Learn more about this card [link]

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