High Speed Cable Companies monitoring bandwidth?

It has come to my attention, through Slashdot and the many online sources, those bandwidth providers are now looking at the amount of bandwidth used by a customer and then shutting their internet off when a certain invisible limit is reached.

I personally felt this was inevitable and that companies have been doing this for quite some time. It makes sense that companies are starting to announce their hidden agenda’s at this time, because internet bandwidth consumption has risen at such great rates due to video on demand, sites like YouTube, and the fact that the internet is evolving into one large application.

We will see where this goes. Bandwidth is measured at a small level in terms of MB (megabytes) and most commonly measured as GB (gigabytes, which are 1,000 MB). If the average consumer uses 20GB of bandwidth monthly, can you imagine what it will cost for the high tech user who uses 100GB/mo in bandwidth?

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