That Was Mean

For the past few weeks I have been spending a few minutes here and there putting together a catalog web site. Now, you may be asking what kind of catalog system would Mike be working on? Let me fill you in….

It all started with a co-worker, an awesome guy, and a few tasteful jokes. One bad joke later I wanted to get him back in a way that no man can deny: publishing a public wronging on the Internet. And, with that, thatwasmean was born.

It started as a very simple logging of things said in the office.

The categories grew for different needs.

The color schemes changes as suggestions came in.

But what I have found most interesting so far is the cohesiveness between posts. They relate to each other, even spread across multiple days, and you can generally figure out what goes with what and the livelihood of that incident within our office.

So, with all that said, launches to a little more of a public scale. It was developed in Ruby on Rails, hosted using Phusion Passenger and Apache, and is evolving slowly… Check it out and provide any feedback.

go to ThatWasMean

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