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Over the last few weeks I have run into numerous spiders and being the inquisitive type of person I am I always want to know what I am looking at. Thanks to my senior capstone project at the University of California at Santa Barbara, I finally have an answer to pretty much any question I could formulate… And the best part about AnswerWise is that it supports images. Win win. Here is the latest question asked and it’s answer. (AnswerWise had the answer in under 10 minutes)

What kind of spider is this and is it poisonous?


Answer: This is a Phidippus johnsoni (Red-backed Jumping Spider) its bite results in swelling and pain at the bite site but its not poisonous. But of course if you are allergic it will be worse.

Pretty cool huh? I think so. A little bit about our senior project statistics: Over 800 questions have been asked with an average 15 minute response time and 80% or more of the asked questions include images.

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