New Rails Deployment Stack

This is a post more geared towards getting feedback. What do you guys think of this proposed Ruby on Rails infrastructure stack for deployment of a Facebook Rails app?

  • Ruby 1.92 via RVM
  • RubyGems 1.5
  • Nginx
  • Unicorn
  • CentOS
  • Git or Subversion — to be decided. Weight in if you have a preference!
  • MySQL

The major change from my current set-up is removing HAProxy and putting in Unicorn and moving away from Env.Config’s to Gem Bundler.

Update 2/23/2011: I went with Ruby compiled, not via RVM, and skipped Unicorn and went with Passenger (for now). My reasoning behind both decisions was purely based on my experience with Passenger and inexperience with RVM/Unicorn. I’ll continue to develop locally w/ RVM/Unicorn and maybe the next version of the application using this stack will get to see Unicorn. Very happy so far with the deployment stack; been running about 4 days now with very minimal server load. I’ll be interested to see how the new stack performs when the thousands of users via Facebook start hitting it :)

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