State of the Union

It’s been some time since my last post. Yeah, I know, that may be a good thing for some of you and bad for others! Either way, I’m back in school temporarily to finish up my last class to get my undergraduate degree. What this really means is that I’m now throwing a new ball into my juggling routine. Will I survive? Eh, most likely. But for those who have been bitten by curiosity here is what I’m up to now-a-days:

I’m still working full-time for Yahoo! as a software developer/advertising analyst. I’ll continue my night-time hacks; but these will slow down. I’m completely immersed in my computational models & theory course at UC Santa Cruz. I recently picked up an Ipad2 to begin developing on the mobile platform and have begun working on a game. And last but not least I continue to eat, sleep, and surf.

So there you have it. A breakdown of all that is important to me right now and why this blog may just experience a pause for silence. Who knows, I just might have some interesting things to say when I resurface in a few weeks. Surely, you can expect some exciting news towards December :) You should follow my twitter account @smasher5 for snippets of interesting (and uninteresting) things.

Katt Williams said life is too fucking short. Yeah Mr. Williams I agree with you. Therefor I say to all of you reading this post, “go outside.” (And make your paper booboo)


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