A Twitter Bootstrap Alternative

When launching a new project we have to decide which framework to use if any. As of now, the go to framework is Twitter’s Bootstrap. It’s quick to learn, provides an immense amount cookie-cutter markup that allows fast development & flight at the speed of light. There is a drawback, however, in that every Bootstrap-based project fundamentally looks the same. Theme modification is just not done often enough. At first this was totally okay but now the uniformity is becoming more noticeable. Time for a change.

How about pick a different UI Framework, then, if you don’t want to customize the look and feel of Bootstrap?

Introducing 99Lime

Looks slick, full-featured, and great documentation. 99Lime


I also came across two layout frameworks that look intriguing…

Foundation by Zurb


  1. I’ve heard good things about Foundation (came up several times at a web usability conference I attended a few month ago), but haven’t tried it yet myself

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