I’m an entrepreneur focused in software. I’ve launched a handful of businesses starting at the ripe ol’ age of 12. I attended the University of California at Santa Barbara and earned a B.S in Computer Science. My passion lies in social networks, finance, and knowledge discovery. Lately, I’ve been into data, analytics, finance, and distributed computing.

Before Persista, I helped found OpenGov and served as their Chief Technology Officer, managing and growing the product, design, and engineering teams.

You can learn more about my work life on LinkedIn.

Feel free to post any form of feedback. If you have a better solution to a problem I’ve solved than please let me know (otherwise how am I going to learn that my problem solving skills lack?). And, by all means, if you encounter a problem in any of the areas of my work (whether it be Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, etc…) e-mail me and I may create a post about it and we can work it out.



You will notice that I dig Ruby, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. However, I’m fluent in quite a few languages (SQL, Python & PHP are what I use at work mainly). I’ve selected Ruby as my go-to because of syntax, expressiveness, open source, and the community of people who make it happen. Please take my bias with a grain of salt– know that I know there is no silver bullet 😉

I’m currently using a lot of Node, Ruby, and Python atop Amazon Web Services backed by MySQL & Postgres.

The handle: Ephekt (pronounced effect)

Having been on the Internet since the early 90s you accumulate a lot of stuff like handles (aliases). As your handle becomes more important you spend more time coming up with better ones… From SMRBios to Smasher5 to Ephekt was essentially my growth from being a hardware/bios hacker to an uber IRC user to a more generic name that just resonated well with me.


To contact me directly, please e-mail ephekt@gmail.com. I’ll try to respond quickly.

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