Current A weekly email aggregating services like, Twitter, and Instagram.


SimplyFor.USA web application to track ideas I come up with. Was

The Birthday AppA to-the-point Facebook Application that will allow you to customize & send Happy Birthday wall posts to your friends, on their birthday, automatically. Was

Should I Surf?A fast, easy to read surf report for some of my favorite local spots. Brought to you by data. Was

AnswerWiseA crowd-sourcing Question & Answer web application powered by Amazon Mechanical Turk. Invite only. Want to work on this with me? E-mail me! I’d love to bring this back to mainstream…. Was

ThatWasMean!: A very old, dead web application that lets users post short messages to the homepage.

TheNationalAnalyzerFrequency Analysis, Song listing, Music Videos, and Song Lyric generation for the music written by The National.

InterviewMeThe beginning attempt at a small, mobile-friendly web app to prepare students for technical interviews.

And a handful of others I’ve either forgotten about or wanted to forget :)

I’ve been trying more and more to put my code, both current and legacy, onto GitHub -> ephekt@github. We’ll see how that goes.

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