Unlimited + 50… In math class we were taught to ignore the constant

I was browsing the Internet, or as I like to call it the “InterWeb,” and I found an interesting marketing ploy for shared web hosting. A company, which will remain nameless for legal reasons, advertises unlimited shared web hosting for the cheap price of about 6 US dollars per month if you purchase for 10 years in advance. What a deal right? Well, to further this awesome deal they felt the need to add 50 gigabytes of data to the already unlimited gigabytes of storage space that is included in the single package they offer customers. Interesting I thought. Does this kind of marketing strategy work? Who are these companies marketing to who think that their valued customers, and potential customers, do not understand that infinite is the greatest non-specific number attainable in math… And more importantly, why is the 50 GB of extra space the selling point? I laugh… But think it probably works; which is sad.

An unexplained data loss & what’s up

At some point over the past week the hosting company I use had a ‘hard drive issue’ and unfortunately had to revert all hosting accounts to data from around December 2nd, 2008… Yes, the last back up they had was over 2 months old. Not only is it unsettling that they had such _old_ back ups of their clients software, but I have checked my e-mail history and see no communication from them letting me know that I had lost all of the last two months of progress and data. Upon logging into my client control panel I noticed a 6 month credit for hosting — does this somehow make it okay for 2 months of work flushed away? No. In fact, I’d rather have those two months of work back. Luckily, I back up the important things every now and then. Still, the urking continues as I see in my e-mail inbox news from the hosting company to do data migrations to new ‘more powerful’ servers. Let me ask this: Will the power of these servers keep the hard drives from having ‘issues’……. Issues are bad m’kay.

If you noticed down time or old content it has now been fixed and I apologize for the potential ‘content not found’ messages that awaited viewers access attempts.

As of lately, however, I have been doing something pretty neat: teaching a Ruby on Rails workshop on my college campus to students. I wanted to try introducing web framework technology + newly popularized programming languages so naturally Ruby on Rails was a perfect fit. I’ve now constructed 2 workshops, each lasting roughly 6 hours, and have had extremely high interest and attention spans from students. In the coming week I will be having at least 3 workshops and they take place on weekends. I’ll be writing up information about that soon, so if you are interested in learning Ruby on Rails and are local Santa Barbara, CA I encourage you to attend. If you don’t even know what Santa Barbara is I still encourage you to learn more by checking out the presentation I will be posting in the following weeks. (Expressing interest in this presentation will speed up how quickly I post it…)